Thursday, May 19, 2011

vanilla wafers

are addicting. I probably had close to 40, if not more. That's 700 calories (140 for eight cookies). Then I had two scoops of baked beans (~140), two spoonfuls of potato salad (~80), and a mint chocolate ice cream bar (270). Grrr. This is why I shouldn't eat. I mean it wasn't a binge but it was more than I wanted. Then I had a bunch of milk, probably 120 cals. I had a Sunny D for breakfast (90). That was so much. 1400 calories. No food tomorrow. I definitely won't weigh 104 tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have gained from all those cookies. FUUUCCCKKKK!!!!! I need to throw those away but they aren't mine. It's okay. I'm only here for a few more days. After the race, I'll go back home and I'll be away from them. After the race, I'm back to fasting. I don't need food.
Today I had my final final. I have completed my second semester of college. 1 year down. 3 (or more) to go. I'm so glad this semester is over. It'll be nice to have some time off.
I'm tired. I want to go to bed. Probably will soon. I can't wait to sleep in again. It'll feel so nice. Ok well I don't have much else to say. Night loves.

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americaneaglelove said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, 1400 calories is probably still below your basal metabolic rate! Good luck on your race and your fast! Congrats on completing your second semester of college! I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. :)

Nikki said...

americaneaglelove is right, 1400 isnt so bad when you put it into perfective. yayy for completing your second semester!! and double yayy for time off :)

sleeping in should be nice too. hope you have an amaziiing day tomorrow!

<3 <3

Lita said...

Hello from a new follower :) I'm always happy to find a new blog!!

ScarletSinner said...

I know how you feel with the eating...I have been muffin-topping over my jeans lately and its starting to depress me. And I work at a freaking gym. WTH. haha but dont worry :) You will be fine.

And isn't the satisfaction of being down with your first year or college wonderful?

Tiffany Tilly said...

I'm in love with those freaking things so much that i can't be around them, i can eat the whole box in minutes. 1400 calories too bad but i know how it feels when you hit a number like that, i always freak out but hopefully tomorrow you'll feel more in control. Glad college is done for now, that's awesome and yay for sleeping in again, that's so much fun, i did that today! :D

Shannice said...

everyone needs food, even a super chick like you. :] xxx

LilyZara said...

Sorry you feel so rough but that's still so little cals :[

That's great that the finals are over though :]

Hope you get a well deserved nights rest Xxxxx

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