Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My friend is out of the hospital (did you know that she was in?). She might be going back in tomorrow. ='( She wants to have a procedure done, deep brain stimulation. I'm worried about it. There are a lot of risks. I just want her to be okay and I guess if that's what it takes, then okay. BUT she might not be able to have it done because she suffers from suicidal thoughts. Oh and the procedure would be for her depression. worried and scared and sad.
I had about 475 calories today. Feels like it's too much. Should have had less. Shouldn't have eaten the candy. (I had two Rolos.)
Seeing my therapist tomorrow. Hoping to be 103.something. Hopefully. Maybe. That would be the lowest weight she's seen me at. nervous. anxious. fat.
People came and looked at the house today. Did they like it? Will they buy it? IDK.
My teeth hurt. I don't know why. They've been really sensitive lately. Wish they weren't.
Going to bed. Good night.

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Lita said...

I hope your friend is okay. Good job restricting!

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