Monday, May 30, 2011

home sweet home

I am home. It was a long drive up and a long drive back, but it was worth every second.
I ate so much over the past 4 days that I'm sure I'm at least 106. I'd be very surprised if I gained less than 3 pounds, very surprised.
Saw all but two of my friends.
Had to see my best friend in the hospital. :(
I surprised her. :)
Didn't die of anxiety (even though I thought I would before my first meet-up!).
"You look well." :'(
Them: "How have you been?"
Me: "Good/fine/okay" (lies)
10/11 year old girls = ANNOYING!!...with no boundaries.
Tired, so tired.
Good night loves.

2 words from my listeners:

scared blogger said...

Hi hun, Where were you?
Hope you are good, <3
Isn't it just the worst thing someone can say "You look well" :'( hate it soo :'(

Love Ais,

Gianni said...

I doubt you gained three pounds, if you did, I doubt it was in solid fat. A few diuretics and you'll be good to go. :) It's probably all water retention.

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