Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Calorie intake was 910 more calories than planned. Total calorie intake: 910. Wow. I'm such a fat ass. I must say though that I did eat "4 deliciously yummyful Peeps". ;) Wanted to fast but I made a deal with my bestie Kristy that I would eat if she would eat. So we ate.
My therapist will think I am fat tomorrow. I can't blame her. Eating disorder? Yeah, right. Fat ass? That's more like it.
Slept most of the day. I was lazy and tired.
Allergies bothering me.
Feeling fat.
So tired.
Parents fighting.
Going to bed.

Oh and I've been reading your posts. I just haven't commented.

4 words from my listeners:

Lita said...

Again, 910 is NOT BAD. It's under 1000 calories, which is good! Take care :)

Tiffany Tilly said...

910 calories isn't bad, think of it as a small metabolism boost with the luxury of eating a yummy peep or 4. Good luck with your therapist tomorrow.

Nikki said...

910 isnt bad at all hun. your bmr has to be more than that so you really did end up with negative calories for the day, you just dont see it that way.
your therapist will NOT think you are fat.
1st) you arent
2nd) she's not there to judge you

sorry to hear about your allergies, they're really a bitch.

goodnight <3 <3

Gianni said...

The average female burns like 1200 calories per day without even exercising. So you definitely had negative cals for the day, so yay! If you stay positive then your mood will become positive! you're working towards something most girls could never dream of, you should be proud of yourself, pretty lady!

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