Friday, January 21, 2011

this is one of those times

So I'm sure you are all wondering what this is about. Let me tell you. My day did not start off well. I could barely get out of bed this morning. I was tired. When I weighed myself, I had.....gained 1 pound! I was like FUCK! I got dressed and went about my morning getting ready for school. I went to school and had dun in class. I even participated. =) My dad and I cleared up some financial aid issues. I bought my lab coat for my biology class. I'm excited for it. =)
After we left the college, dad said we were going to Taco Bell. I was like okay. I got a cheesy bean and rice burrito. That is 490 calories!! GAH!!! That was the start of the downfall of my day. I got home and rested for awhile. Then I got hungry. Well it wasn't necessarily hungry, it was more a hunger for food. I binged. I ate a granola bar, a Special K bar, fruit by the foot, cinnamon strussel cakes, peanut butter, dried fruit, and drank lots of soy milk. Wow. Talk about stupid. I had been about a week since binging and just decided to throw it all away. After today, I am fasting again. I am fasting until I can't fast anymore. I don't care how sick I get. I will lose the weight I gained from yesterday and today. Fuck being fat! I will be skinny.
On a more positive(?) note, I've been reading through some of my poetry from senior year (last year). Some of it is really good (if I may say so myself!). I might make a new page and post it on there. So if you want to read it, feel free. =)

6 words from my listeners:

NightFlower said...

Awh. I hope tomorrow goes better! I'm glad you're looking forward to biology though :) And I will definitely read your poetry! ;] Take care xxx

Kari said...

Definitely post some poetry, that would be awesome. Your binge foods sound a lot like mine (granola/cereal/nut butter/soy milk) always feature prominently.

Please be safe if you fast. Hospitals = not good.

Vampire said...

Be careful with your fasting <3 1lb can be burned off without fasting

Kristina said...

Be careful with fasting. I feel an hypocrite since I am fasting lol.

Tomorrow will be a better day :)And definitely post poetry. x

SilentNightmare said...

Be careful hun.... but that being said if you post some poetry I'll gladly read it :) and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you *hugs*

wintergirl said...

I know it's hard, but try not to feel horrible for bingeing - your body needs food and sometimes if you eat a bit then it can help you to lose weight as it gets your metabolism going again.
But anyway, I hope tomorrow is a better, happier day for you. And as for your poetry - I'd love to read it. :)
Stay safe sweet. *hugs*

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