Monday, January 17, 2011

Duh da duh!!!

That was supposed to be a trumpet intro but I don't exactly know how to spell it. Close enough. ;)
So I have been nominated (twice!) to list 10 random things about myself. Then it's my job to nominate 5 other lucky fellas. Ok, so are you ready? Here we go!

1.I go by my middle name Amber instead of my first.
2.I sleep with my stuffed heffalump, Lumpy, every night. He's from Winnie the Pooh. =D

3.I have 3 sisters (two half, one full). I'm in the middle!
4.I loooove toe socks! I have at least 7 pairs! Most of them are winter/christmas. hehe

5. My favorite band is Evanescence. I love Amy Lee!
Her eyes are amazing!
6.My eyes are hazel. They can turn from green to brown. They have little flecks of gold in them. I'm rather fond of my eyes. 0.o
7.My family has owned three hamsters: Hershey, Carmal, and Smorez (my little sister spelled/named them!). Hershey died after about 2 1/2 years. The other two died within a week of being at home! WE KILLED THEM!!!!! no jk. They both were sick. ='( Poopfaces at the store told us they were healthy. LIARS!
Ahem, anyways....
8.My buddy (the one I talked to yesterday) and I met in a placement. We have always been a positive influence on each other. She is very supportive and I love her to death. She is my best friend. =D When we were in the placement, we used to write notes to each other. In our notes we would always put a random word of the day. Here is one I got on the most recent card from her:
Card- a thick piece of paper folded in half containing words of encouragement! (This is the BEST card) -EVER!
(We also have a thing for PENGUINS!!!)
9.I looove taking pictures of the sky. I love the sunsets and the clouds. They are just so pretty. Here's a couple of my sky shots. Most of them were actually taken on my phone!!

My favorite is probably the second one. =)
10. I love to write poetry. I would really like to get a book published of all my poems, well maybe not all because I have like a zillion but some of them. =) I also want to write an autobiography. It probably will be crap because I suck at writing things other than poems but at least it will have a good title! It will be called Unbecoming Crazy. I'm rather fond of this title.

Okay, so that was me in a nutshell. So which of my lovely followers are getting to do this? Ready? Drumroll please....

Can't wait to read your responses!

6 words from my listeners:

Vampire said...

Ooo I love the first sky pic =)

And I get a blogger award o.O Wow. Thank you =D

Night_Flower said...

Ditto on #5! I LOVE Evanescence! They are my favourite band ever! And Amy Lee is amazing :)
Haha I just had to write that.
Hope you're okay xx

Kari said...

Wow I feel famous haha. Thanks for the nomination, I'll work on that and have it up soon :)
I love that you have a heffalump, I used to LOVE winnie the pooh, and those pictures of the sky are gorgeous.

scared blogger said...

Aw that was so cool! Really thought it was fun to read,
Aw thanks,
I think it would be so coll if you brought out a poetry book!!

GraceyJ said...

hehehehe yaaaay! ill do that now on my blog :D

danae said...

nice sky shots, you can do it again if you want. there wasn't any rules (that i know of) that people can't do it again if you're nominated.

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