Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This nightmare I'm becoming
I can't look me in the face
The pain I'm going through
I can't change, I can't erase
I'm trying so desperately to fight
I'm trying to hang on
But right now all I want
Is to be dead, is to be gone
I know I shouldn't want this
I know that I should live
But right now it's so hard
I can't deal with all this shit
I'm sorry I'm a failure
To everyone around
I'm sorry I'm falling
I'm falling back down
I'm in that abyss
The one I can't escape
I try so hard to fight it
But life is too much to take
I'm drowning in my sorrows
Suffocating on my tears
I'm dying slowly
And I know that no one cares
I just want life to be over
I just want my life to end
Right now I'm so depressed
Suicide seems like a friend
I'm sorry I'm so weak
I'm sorry I can't win
I'm sorry for giving up
I'm sorry for giving in
I don't know what else to do
I've finally lost all hope
I tried so hard
But there is no way else to cope
So forgive me for my actions
Forgive me for my words
I'm so sorry for hurting you
If only I had more courage
But I have none
I was weak until the end
Suicide saved me
Death is now and always my final friend.

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Kari said...

It's good...but scary. Obvs. Sorry you're having a hard time. I heart you.

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