Saturday, January 15, 2011

photo journal

I make these photo journals. They are just pictures I find off the web. I just add some comments inbetween. Check out my newest one.

You see these pills? I take them.

But the truth is,

I don’t want any more prescriptions.

Because right now,

All I think about is

I’m falling in love with some pills.

I’m falling to sleep with those pills.

Drinking and popping, the fun’s just getting started.

I’m dead thanks to those pills.


Yeah, it's depressing and negative but it's on my mind. I think about pills a lot. I saw pills tonight. I want those pills. This is the next best thing to get my feelings out. Sorry for being all suicidal.

5 words from my listeners:

GraceyJ said...

so true :(

Anonymous said...


*Broken* said...

I know what you mean sweetie =(

Night_Flower said...

The photo journal is good...I just wish it wasn't so true. :(
Please be careful xxx

Vampire said...

Oh no =( Please don't hurt yourself <3 I love you

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