Thursday, January 27, 2011

I wish I could say

that I smiled today. I didn't. I wish I could say I laughed today. I didn't. I wish I could say I didn't cry today. I can't. I wish I could say I didn't want to kill myself today. I can't.There are so many things I wish I could say but I can't. Instead, I'll say the things I wish I never had to say.
-I ate too much.
-I feel like a pig.
-I know I'm too fat to have an eating disorder.
-I cried multiple times today.
-I continued to plan my suicide.
-I want to die.
That is all I want to say.

3 words from my listeners:

Nikki said...

oh hun :(

im so sorry to hear you feel this way! eating disorders dont have a size and based on your height/current weight... i wouldn't say you are at all fat.

please dont continue planning your suicide... suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. things WILL get better <3 <3 <3

SilentNightmare said...

*hugs* i understand

Iris said...

Looks like our days were unfortunately similar. Love you.

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