Monday, January 17, 2011


I feel amazing tonight! I fasted. I only had green tea and water today. I was tempted to eat dinner but then I was like "fuck that. I want to be skinny. Eating will make me fat." So I didn't eat dinner. YAY for fasting! I plan on fasting tomorrow too. I plan on fasting for as long as I can. I'm hoping I can get away with tomorrow too. I'll probably eat on Wednesday. That's when school starts back up. 0.o I'm so not ready. I am definitely not looking forward to it. =(
Other than that, my mood was okay. I wrote a card to send to my buddy. =) One is her Christmas card. lol. ;) I must admit, I still had some suicidal thoughts. It was mainly when my grandma and I were in Wal-Mart picking up prescriptions. I always see my drug of choice. =/ Bad Amber for planning on buying them. At least for now I am safe with my grandma and grandpa being there. So umm I guess that's all. Night!

4 words from my listeners:

Kari said...

I think it's so awesome you send cards, I love that. I'm glad you're feeling great.

*Broken* said...

I´m really glad you are feeling better =)

Night_Flower said...

I'm glad you feel better! :) I'm sorry you're not ready for school :( Haha I got some Christmas cards this January as well. January is the new december! XD
Take care xx

Vampire said...

Ooo =) fasting is awesome, isn't it? ^_^

Be careful though... don't fast too much =( I don't want you getting hurt <3

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