Sunday, January 16, 2011


I ate like a pig today!! fuck fuck FUCK! I had 500+ calories from breakfast alone. Then I went out to Applebee's to meet up with my parents. I ate some of the chips and dip, then half of my chicken fajita roll-up. Let me look up how many calories it has. Drum roll please...1040 calories (fries included)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my fucking goodness! I only ate half so tha's 520 calories but it's still like holy shit! hjfiahnegfvdhsigkhkasdjhgksjhklghblkdhsgkjshkdjghvjkbazhdjkgvbkiajsxdhmgvjkshbdkgjvhskrsjbkjsehysd
That's how I feel about that.
Other than my intake, my day was good. I spent it working on a Harry Potter puzzle with my grandma. We (well, mainly me) got really far. Here's a really crappy pic. (Yes, it's on a checker/chess board 'cause I'm just cool like that.)

Thinking about it now, I realize I probably should have taken a pic of what it's supposed to look like. Oh well. You shall see that as my puzzle gets closer to completion.
My buddy from the hospital called. She is doing good. I got another letter from her today. Made me smile. It even had a penguin on it. (We have a thing for penguins) I still need to get her letters ready. 0.o I've had them since Christmas. FAIL! lol.
I still had some suicidal thoughts and feelings today. I try not to have them, but they just come and won't go away. They make me sad. I was also sad because of my hideous scars all over my body. I would post a picture but I wouldn't want to trigger anybody worse than I already do.
Thanks for your comments guys. Feels good to know that I can express myself on here openly. :)
Oh yes, and thank you for reading. For once I have a voice. Maybe I should start singing. jk jk jk. ;P

Okay, that is all.
Good night lovelies!

4 words from my listeners:

Elisabethgrace said...

It's cool about hearing from your friend.
& Harry Potter is awesome! =)
Good luck with puzzle.

I hope your okay.
Take Care.

thinlypure said...

That's great that got to hear from your friend. And omg I want that puzzle it's amazing.

Unicorn said...

Glad you heard from your friend and that she is doing ok. I know its way more than you normally eat, but if you were at a plateau it will help you break that and rev up your metabolism, so its not bad hunni. I'm sorry you are still having suicidal thoughts, have you tried writing down positive things when you have them? I know its easier said than done.

Much love, hope you have a good day xxx

heiscertainlyworthit said...

All will be ok :) At least you didn't eat as much as me on Saturday (3000 calories almost)

Good luck on the puzzle, and I'm glad your letter made you happy - penguins and all!!

Stay strong xx

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