Saturday, April 30, 2011


Monthly Goals  (4/1/11-4/30/11):
1.Blog something positive every day. yes..multiple positives =D
2.Exercise 5 times a week. I started out doing really well on that one. Failed as the month went on.
3.Read chapters as we study them (not the day before the test!). I did much better this month at this.
4.Read three books (outside of school). only read two
5.Stay cut, purge, and suicide attempt free. yes :) cut free for one month 4/14/11. purge free for 3 years 4/16/11.
6.Start/go to group. check
7.Be honest. started lying a bit more towards the end of the month.

May Monthly Goals (5/1/11-5/31/11)
1.Blog something positive every day.
2.Exercise thirty minutes or more 4 times a week.
3.Stay on top of my chapters and homework.
4.Start studying for my finals.
5.Stay cut, purge, and suicide attempt free.
6.Continue group.
7.Limit binges to once a week.
8.Look for work.
9.Take and pass my written test for my driver's license.

3 words from my listeners:

SilentNightmare said...

God Job on Arri's goals and good luck on May's

Mademoiselle said...

I love how you set goals every month. I think Ill start doing it myself! xx

LilyZara said...

Hey those goals are awesome! :] well done for sticking to them (and don't be too hard on yourself for any goals you didnt fully complete :] )

Good luck for may :] (oh and that's awesome that you've been purge free for 3 years and cut free for the month :D ) xxxx

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