Sunday, April 10, 2011


was good I suppose. I ate way too much. We didn't even have dinner til after 7:30. That is way late. My little sister wouldn't stop pestering me. I was laying on the couch and she would sit on me. She would bend my legs and mess with my feet. Super annoying. When I was checking facebook, my friend was on and she wanted to talk to her too. We were literally fighting over the keyboard. My friend found it amusing. I guess in a way it was, but it was annoying. To sum up the evening between me and my lil sis: annoying. One word says it all. I feel like a pig. No, I am a pig. I ate so much food. I had a turkey burger w/ cheese and condiments, potato salad, baked beans, watermelon, and 2 cookies (360 for both). That was all one meal. I can't believe how much I ate. I didn't weigh myself tonight. It wouldn't have done me any good since I don't know what I weighed this morning. I guess for that I'm proud. I went a whole day without stepping on the scale. Yay? Well I'm uber tired and I want to go to bed. Good night loves.

-I went to Power Play.
-I had fun.
-It was a nice day out.
-I saw my aunt, uncle, and cousin.
-The cookies were yummy.
-I read my chapter for Criminology.

Thing(s) I like about myself (yesterday and today):
I am creative.
I am caring towards others.

3 words from my listeners:

Nikki said...

you are not a pig. you are beautiful :)
yay for not going on the scale. numbers arent important.

goodnight hun


GraceyJ said...

yeah your def not a pig (:
little sisters can get annoying sometimes eh ? not that i have one but i have nieces and nephewslol

Anonymous said...

I have a half-sis but we've only met once or twice.
You're not a pig, you should see me eat!
Anyways, pigs are cool; so if you were a pig you'd be cool.
I just read that watermelons depend on honey bees for pollenation.
Save the bees!!!

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