Friday, April 15, 2011

goals check-in 2

Last Week's Goals (4/8/11-4/15/11):
1.Blog one (different!) thing I like about myself every day. check2.Start a new book. I continued a book I was previously reading.
3.List 25 reasons to live. will do once I'm done with this.
4.Clean my room. check
5.Stay current on my math homework. check. math test on Tuesday.

Monthly Goals  (4/1/11-4/30/11):
1.Blog something positive every day. yes..multiple positives =D
2.Exercise 5 times a week. fail
3.Read chapters as we study them (not the day before the test!). not as good on this one
4.Read three books (outside of school). one down, reading the second
5.Stay cut, purge, and suicide attempt free. yes :) cut free for one month 4/14/11
6.Start/go to group. check
7.Be honest. trying to be.

This Week's Goals (4/15/11- 4/22/11)
1.Continue writing one thing I like about myself every day.
2.Do well on my math test.
3.Find a way to celebrate my 3 years of no purging.
4.Get through 4/18/11 without doing anything stupid.
5.Write a letter of apology (to myself) for what happened 4 years ago.

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