Saturday, April 9, 2011


"I could be a great sock."
That quote is brought to you by the movie Hop. I really like that one. It's a metaphor that I really relate to. Want to know what I'm talking about? Watch the movie. hehe. Free advertisement for Hop and movie theaters. So yes. Here's another good quote:
"I'm sorry I jellybeaned on your dreams."
hehe. Funny stuff. So watch it. I don't care if it's a kids movie. I'm an adult and I enjoyed it. Everyone needs to be a kid every now and then. =P
It's really hot outside. It's either in the upper 80s or lower 90s. 0.o Good stuff. I like warm weather. The only problem I have with warm weather is having to wear less clothing (i.e. shorts and short-sleeved shirts). Ugly body with hideous scars I just want to hide. Oh well. At least hopefully for the summer I'll have a skinny body. That's wishful thinking. =/
I feel fat today. That's nothing new. I've been feeling fat a lot the past week or so. Doesn't help that I ate lots of popcorn and candy at the movie. I also had an ICEE. Then after that I had a milkshake. That's not even all I've eaten. Just lots of junk. >.< I know it's not really binging but it just feels like too much. It's fat. I'm fat. Grrrr.
Might be going to Power Play today. It's an arcade place. Fun stuff. I played DDR and air hockey earlier with my lil sis. I beat her. hehe :)
Well I'm going to go before I get caught on here. I'll read when I get home. I'm at my sister's house right now.

5 words from my listeners:

GraceyJ said...

hehe i actuallyreally wanna see that movie! i hate warm weather, same as you i like to hide my body in clothes(:

Skittles said...

yay ddr is such a work out. but it's so expensive... it sounds like you're in a good place. maybe big loose empty sweater + shorts for summer. that's my fave. :)

nymph said...

HOP was cute ahah! And DDR is great. I have the same issue with warm weather. I hate being seen.

Anonymous said...

Me and my wife just put a sockhop in our latest collage!
I'd check it out, but really if i had spare cash for movies i'd just watch Sucker Punch again and again until i ran out.

heiscertainlyworthit said...

Sounds like a good film.. but if you saw it at the Cinema, then it won't be out in England for time :(

I know how you feel about the whole wearing less clothing... I have invested in Maxi dresses and denim jackets - it covers a lot :D xx

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