Sunday, April 10, 2011

Power Play

I ended up staying the night at my sister's house last night. I guess that was okay. We went to Chile's for dinner. Service was horrible! They wrote down the wrong name. Then the seated 4-5 groups that came in after us. My mom had to go up to the podium to ask what was going on. Then we were seated in the far back corner of the restaurant where it was FREEZING! All of us were cold. Then the waiter didn't bring out my parents chips/salsa appetizer before the meal. They actually had to ask for it! It was just not good. So my mom talked to the manager before we left. I felt bad for the manager that night. Anyways, we rented two movies. My lil sis and I watched one last night: Where The Wild Things Are. It was a very confusing movie. I was so tired and I wanted to fall asleep but I just kept watching. I had to see what would happen. It was weird. That was last night.
Today has been good so far I suppose. I went to Power Play with my mom and lil sis. Played some more air hockey. My little sister almost beat me. She scored like 4 points in like 2 minutes. It was crazy. I thought I was going to lose..BUT I didn't!! hehe I has some mad air hockey skills. I beat my mom too. Did another round of DDR. I had a max combo of 32. I was pretty psyched. :) I played Skeeball and a basketball game. I scored 260,000 on the Skeeball. That's pretty good for me. Lil sis and I played Laser Tag. It was pretty lame since there was only two of us. I won though. lol. I played a jumping game. I suck at it. Ummmm I played Centipede. My mom has two high scores on there. 0.o She's pretty good at those games. She also has the high score at Ms. Pacman from the movie theater yesterday. She's got skillz. lol. We bought candy with our tickets (smart choice fat ass). Then we stopped by McDonalds before heading back to my grandma's house.
So here I am, home at last. I read my chapter for the test on Wednesday. I have not done any other homework. People are coming over for dinner. My mom and little sister and actually back over here. 0.o So I'm going to go "enjoy" that. Later.

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SilentNightmare said...

Just wanted to let you know that i'm reading

Nikki said...

powerplay sounds like soooo much fun!!

haha i suck at laser tag, i went with 2 friends once and the guys we were playing against had to tell us what to do every 5 minutes. WHOOPS!

take care hun <3

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