Thursday, April 14, 2011


I was so glad to sleep in this morning. I set my alarm for 9 am but didn't get up for about 40 minutes. I need to work on not staying in bed.
School was good. Nothing too exciting. I thought it was rather amusing that only 7 other people showed up for my math class. Pathetic. And the class before the test. Their loss.
My grandparents ran lots of errands. I was bored out of my mind. We did go for a walk. They actually walked around the whole trail. That is a true .5 miles. Well actually not really. At least my pedometer doesn't measure it as .5 miles so I don't know.
I'm tired.
I don't know what more to say.

-I got to sleep in.
-I understood today's math lesson.
-I got to walk.
-It's raining outside. I love the rain.
-My cousin was born today. :)

Thing I like about myself:
-I have a killer serve in volleyball.

2 words from my listeners:

SilentNightmare said...

I love the new things i like about myself at the end of your post makes me smile when i see it :). Glad you had a good day and if you want to know the approximate distance of the trial you can try googling it to see if you can find it online

i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit said...

Not many showed up to comp i neither yesterday, and the weather wasn't even that great.
But i heard tell there was some sort of weeklong party happening; and that's likely why.

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