Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my day

was pretty good. I woke up at 6:50 am. That is waaaaay too early for my liking. I didn't get out of bed til 7:15 though. I got in some last minute studying for my test which I got a (hold on...checking) 92%. Not too bad. It's the lowest score out of all the tests I've taken so far but I'm okay with it. :)
I had a session with my therapist. It went well. She liked my poems and my DNA on a necklace. :) I talked to her about my grandma's comments. She said that by sticking up for myself afterward, I used this week's DBT skill. Go me! I also paid for the session with my very own debit card! =D Now I'm sure most of you are like, "why are you excited about paying for a session?" Well, I'll tell you. I've never had my own debit card before so paying with it made me feel all independent and adult-like. It doesn't matter to me that my parents are on the account too. It's good to have a little independence. :) Oh and one more thing about therapy. While I was waiting for my therapist (who was 20 minutes late to session!!), a girl came in. She had huge boobs (but that's not the point) and she was soooo skinny. I was like uber jealous (but not of the boobs!). When she went down for her session, my grandma pointed out "she was skinnier than you." Yes, thank you grandma for calling me fat..again.
We ran some errands. Went for a brief walk.
I did math homework. It takes me longer than an hour just to do one section! It's f'ing ridiculous!
No workout due to homework. >.<
Discovered a great new movement (see previous post).
Food was crap. I ate at least 1000 cals and drank close to 500 cals. Grrr. I did so well yesterday too.

-I got a good grade on my test.
-I had a good session.
-My therapist was impressed by my "show and tell".
-It was a nice day out.
-I discovered Love is Louder.

Thing I like about myself:
I love to learn. :)

3 words from my listeners:

Skittles said...

wow good job waking up so early! that's the best. it sounds like your family have a warped version of, maybe communication 7 idk because i don't know your situation but hopefully they're not like accidental jerks or bogged down with their own problems & let if affect you. if that were the case in some respect though, hopefully it won't affect your mentality too much. neato dna extraction, have you done pcr (polymerase chain rxn) to ampilfy your dna or electrophoresis to run your samples after enzyme degredation to see if you have certain plasmids or to compare identities? i know crime labs, as well as biotech labs do that constantly. you should totally go for an internship or lab tech position (even @ ur school!) as soon as you can.

Iris said...

I don't mean to be rude, but I can't help but dislike your grandmother.

scared blogger said...

Love you and well done, xxxx

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