Saturday, April 30, 2011


That's what I weighed this morning. It's not horrible. Definitely not great. I was so scared I would be above 110. It's a miracle I'm not.
Had pancakes for breakfast.
Went to my cousin's back-to-back baseball game. We won both games..big time. Got burned as hell. Thankfully only on my hands (yes hands can get burned) and face. My face makes me look like a fucking lobster though. Sunscreen is definitely required for tomorrow.
Big lunch. PB&J (one slice of bread), Flaming Hot Cheetohs, package of baby carrots, 10 M&Ms.
Dinner was okay. I helped cook it. Sweet and sour chicken. The sauce was a bit runny.
Dessert was 1/3 of my chocolate bunny. Then I had even more candy once I got to my room.
Nothing much to say.
Goals review next.

-I didn't weigh above 110.
-My cousin won both of his games.

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