Tuesday, April 19, 2011

band concert

I did not wake up on time this morning (big shock there) but I was able to take a shower. That's always a good sign.
I had biology today. We started Week 1 of our forensics lab. We had to pair up. I was with a girl from my table. She did absolutely nothing...NO-THING! Well, I take that back. She provided the DNA. Other than that, useless. I think I messed it up though which will bomb because this is a three week lab and we are in school for three weeks including this one. So aedjfaljegijidegolsedgn.
I took my math test today. I'm feeling like I got around an A or a B. :) Hopefully I actually did get one of those grades.
I studied for my test tomorrow. I should still be doing that but I'm too busy checking blogger. I swear I'm addicted.
I went to my little sister's band concert. It was actually the whole high school area band festival. So all the fifth graders from the school that went into Northwest played together, and the sixth graders, then the middle schoolers, and so on and so forth. There were some really cool songs. The eighth grade band played Disney songs! Kick a..I mean butt! ;)
I binged today. I just ate and ate and ate. I was just so hungry. Don't know what came over me. I will be more controlled tomorrow.
BTW, I haven't officially weighed myself since Saturday. I did step on the scale on Sunday but that was fully clothed and after I ate. (TMI warning) It was to see how much weight I lost after I pooped. 0.o I lost .2 pounds. Not that any of you really care about that. So I'm debating if I want to weigh myself tomorrow. I know I'll be higher because of all the food I ate today so maybe it's best if I just wait. I don't know. We'll have to see.

-I took a shower and am all clean. :)
-I started the forensics lab.
-I think I did well on my math test.
-I enjoyed my little sister's band concert.
-I enjoyed a mint Drumstick.

Thing I like about myself:
-I can read music.

4 words from my listeners:

GraceyJ said...

i hate getting stuck with people who do nothing. might as well be on ya own eh ?
im glad you enjoyed your sisters concert thing =]xx

Kari said...

sibling music concerts are the best!

I'm always tempted to re-weigh after a little #2 action, especially if it's been awhile...haha.

DietCokePlease said...

Oh i love lab work XD. Who needs partners, us girls can do it ourselves! I am addicted to weighing myself, I do it at least twice a day and especially after I just go to the toilet. I should really do it less but oh well. Much love xx

SilentNightmare said...

You're so cute hun, but i do the same thing when i weigh so i understand *hugs*

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