Friday, April 15, 2011

talent show

Tonight I went to my school's first ever talent show. It was pretty cool. There were some really talented people and some not-so-talented people. Overall, it was a good night. The emcee was a really cool comedy magician. He did some awesome tricks. He even swallowed a balloon!! It was crazy. I wasn't too happy with the way the judges placed the winners. The Tippers should have been at least second and the first act definitely should have been placed. The second place winners were good when I could understand them (they were rappers). I don't know. It was good overall. Good show everyone. :)
I could not wake up this morning. I was supposed to take a shower but that didn't happen.
School was good.
I wasted my day watching youtube videos.
I ate way too much. I actually just had a mini binge after coming home from the talent show. FAIL. It's my first in awhile so I guess it's not too bad. I just need to control myself better tomorrow.
Thanks for the support on my 25 reasons to live. :) It was kind of hard to come up with all of those. I was really struggling towards the end. Although I had number 25 already figured out long before I got there. hehe
I guess that's all really.

-School was good.
-The test is Wednesday (not Monday!!).
-I discovered a show that I definitely would love to watch full episodes of.
-I went to see my school's first ever talent show.
-I enjoyed said talent show.
-I got to eat a grape jelly bean that was mixed with a cherry jelly bean.

Thing I like about myself:
-I can write poetry. (don't know why it took so long for this one to come out. It's one of my favorite things about myself. 0.o)

4 words from my listeners:

GraceyJ said...

awesome! swallowed a baloon ? haha wtf

i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit said...

I was doing a collaborative poem last week,
you should have joined in!
You should post some of your current stuff so we can √ it out!

Jenny said...

Love the part about the jelly bean.
Sounds like something I would say. The littlest things make me the happiest.
Stay strong
<3 Jenny

SilentNightmare said...

Glad you could come up with 25reasons to live that's awesome hun, and very glad to see you going out and doing thing and being social :)

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