Wednesday, March 16, 2011

to mock youtube...

And they think they can sing. Like seriosuly? What the hell were those music producers thinking? Worst singers ever! Maybe not ever but for real? Are they deaf? They suck. Maybe it's just me (but even my lil sis agrees) but there is nothing good about Rebecca Black or Jenna Rose. There were however two other girls that I found tonight that actually did have some talent: Kaya Rosenthal and Alana Lee. Also, if those girls weren't so young, they would all make great thinspo. That sounds really creepy and perverted coming from an 18 year old. It's weird though because I still feel like I'm around their age (12/early teen).
Ok, enough of that rant. I could rant about how much of a fat pig I am. I started off the day good but then I started eating more after my run. I had almost 2 servings of Flaming Hot Cheetohs (21 chips is a serving). Then for dinner I had a bean burrito and two helpings of rice. Then I had a drumstick for dessert. Fat fat fat. I guess that's okay since I exercised. Lies! Why would I tell myself that? It's not okay to eat that much! Fat bitch.
My grandma's surgery went well yesterday. She and my grandpa are both at home now. I, however, can't go home until after the weekend! Fuck a duck. I've been without my scales since Saturday. I mean I still have a scale but it's not accurate. I'm dying here!!
No one has noticed my cuts. If they have, they haven't said anything. It was rather stupid to cut on my wrist. I guess I just didn't care.
I should have done homework today but I goofed off. I have a 6 page paper and  powerpoint due in a week and I haven't even started!! I need to kick my butt into gear and start working on it. I can't afford to get a bad grade. Well, really I can but that doesn't mean I should just slack off.
My little sister just called me fat. I'm sure she was joking but really? You're going to tell someone with an eating disorder they are fat and weigh "like 345 pounds"? Yeah, thanks.
Edit: I received the Versatile Award tonight but I won't post until tomorrow.

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lou said...

Glad grandparents are okay..
Passing through to say Congrats again.

Mrs. Donae said...

I'm glad the granparents are well :)

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