Monday, March 28, 2011

miss no way it's all good

That's what I want people to believe. Really, the truth is so obvious a blind person could see it. I'm fucking suicidal. Therapy was shit today. Dad kicked me out again. I fucking hate it when he does that. It's MY fucking session so don't kick me out of it. Asshole. You would think he would remember one of the last times he kicked me out. I ran away and overdosed. What a dick. I hate my dad.
Food was shit again today. I ate like I was normal. I am not normal. I am fat. I weighed 108.4 this morning after a two day binge. That is no acceptable. I'm sure I'll have gained again tomorrow. I don't know why I am doing this. I plan on acting on my plan this Friday or Saturday. I don't want the people who take me away to think I'm fat bitch (even though we all know I am). I can't believe that I haven't lost any weight this month.
fat pathetic bitch. unworthy of good. deserving of punishment. deserving of death. failure. disgusting. mess. pig. ugly. crazy. die die die.
I made a CD for my friend. It's positive. 0.o It's kind of a farewell present. She deserves so much more.
I can't believe it's 9 pm and I am almost ready for bed. Just have to check facebook and then time for shut eye! Hopefully my alarm clock works tomorrow. Good night.

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DietCokePlease said...

Please don't overdose this strong. We care. XX

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