Friday, March 25, 2011

new plan

So as today progressed, I got into a fight with my best friend over me not telling her my plans/methods to get a gun. Then for some reason tonight on facebook all of that changed. She started telling me what parts of my plan wouldn't work. She kind of became my suicide buddy. Now I have a whole new plan ready to be put into action on Tuesday. Don't worry though. Tuesday isn't going to be my suicide day. I plan for next weekend, probably Friday night Just depends on what I have going for me the next day. Ok, enough suicide talk.
School was good. I did really well on my criminolgy test (96%!!). Now my grade is a 99%. Woot! Go me! jk jk. My criminal justice classes are the only classes I'm doing well in right now. =/
Food was bad. I shoved Hostess cupcakes down my throat after fighting with my mom and friend on facebook. So I'm sure I'll have gained tomorrow. fucking fat ass. Nothing more, nothing less.

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