Saturday, March 12, 2011


For once, it's not me in the hospital. It's my grandpa. He's been really confused lately. This morning was terrible. He's diabetic so this morning when he was trying to do his insulin, he tried to do it in his finger (like he was taking his blood sugar). Then he thought we were 5-10 minutes away from McDonalds (we were going there for breakfast to meet my aunt and uncle) when we were in the parking lot. Once he got his food, he couldn't figure out how to do anything (butter the pancakes or biscuit, put his biscuit sandwich together). It was bad. My aunt and uncle told my grandma that she needed to take my grandpa to the hospital. So she took him to the ER. They took blood and are running tests. He had blood in his urine. They called the neurosurgeon. He was admitted to stay about an hour ago. I'm worried about him. =( Get better grandpa.

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Shannice said...

aww babe = (
i hope your grandpa gets better! xxx

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