Friday, March 18, 2011

he's back.

Hey there precious.
Remember me?
The one who haunts your memories.

Yes, it's me.
I am back.
Be prepared to fall off track.

You thought we were through,
but darling, you're so wrong.
You should have known I would be back before long.

So here I am
waiting to take over.
Tell recovery to move over.

I'm back in charge.
Your life is mine.
I can't believe you thought things were fine.

Why do you lie to yourself?
You know I always win.
You know it won't be long until you once again sin.

So just give up, give in, don't fight.
Welcome me and welcome the night.

It's okay for you to quit
because now with me, this is it.

I'm the one who'll take you away.
So come with me, in the dark we'll play.

Down the path to suicide
So follow me and say good-bye.

1 words from my listeners:

Nikki said...

oh, wow. this is so powerful... really.
i hope you're doing alright.

and also, on a sidenote, i want to thank you for always commenting on my posts. it means a lot to me :)

hang in there hun <3

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