Monday, February 28, 2011

kicked out

So I'm sure my title has you all wondering if I was really kicked out and if so, from where. Well I'll get to that in a little bit.
Today was my first day back at school. I arrived early and talked to my teacher. I am making up a test on Wednesday. I have to make up today's test from my second class too. I just don't know when I am doing that yet. I was able to pay attention in class. I felt a little tired but not so bad that I couldn't concentrate. I went home for my second class because my teacher said I could make it up later since I haven't been in class.
Once home I worked on my paper and powerpoint. I finished those. I was like "alright! now I can chillax until mom comes to pick me up to work on my video." Well little did I know my life was about to be flipped upside down.
My mom had given me several tasks to work on. She wanted me to set up an appointment with Renew (an intensive outpatient for eating disorders). She needed to me set up a doctor's appointment to do a follow-up on some labs that had been done in the hospital. I also needed to call the hospital I was in and get copies of my labs for the doctor's. Well getting copies of the labs was a hassle. I had to get them faxed to the doctor's office. I was battling with the hospital because they wouldn't just fax them over because they couldn't verify that it was really me on the phone. So then I had to call the doctor's office back and ask them to fax the hospital asking for the labs. UGH, it was a mess. I'm not even sure if the labs were sent over or not.
I went down to talk to my grandma about what was going on. (This is when it all started going downhill.) She was confused because she thought at first that mom didn't want me in an IOP for my eating disorder. I had to explain to her that that wasn't the case. Then she was saying it wouldn't work and was asking if it would even do anything for me. She asked would I find out the reason why I have an eating disorder. I told her I already knew. When I went on to tell her, she didn't believe me. I got mad and started screaming. She was invalidating my thoughts and feelings. Finally I was just like "I don't know why I even try" and I just walked upstairs to my room. About 15 minutes later, she comes in and asks why I got all upset. She wanted to tell me she was "hurt". I was like "why? because I won't forgive your son?" She asked me if I was happy living there. I said no. She asked if I wanted to move out. I said yes. She asked where. I said my grandma and grandpa's house. I guess I upset her more because she left my room and went for a drive. Next thing I know, I'm getting a text from my mom telling me to pack everything up because I'm moving out tonight. I was like whoa, wtf? I started packing up my stuff and my dad came. He helped pack some stuff up and moved it out into the car. I was out of there by 4:45 this evening. I hadn't even lived there for half a week before I got kicked out. I know I said I wanted to move out, but I didn't mean right that very second. I figured I'd move out on the weekend. But nope! I moved out the very same day. My dad is all pissed off at me now. Oh well. He can go shove it.
When my mom got off work, she moved me back to my grandma and grandpa's. I might be switching into a different (bigger) room than where I had been staying though. I must say that I have a lot of crap. I mean a lot of crap. I'm glad to be over here though. I feel more comfortable and more supported here. I guess it all worked out in the end.
Well, it's only 8:36 but I am worn out. I'm going to go to bed. I'm sorry that I still haven't read anyone's blogs. I will get on that soon, I promise! Night loves.

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SilentNightmare said...

Sucks that you're grandma reacted the way she did and kicked you out w/o warning regardless of if you wanted to move out. But i hope you get a good nights sleep and can catch up on school work soon *hugs*

minimimis said...

Sorry things are so tough for you right now. Some people just don't understand eating disorders at all and they think they have it all figured out. Try not to let the negatively effect you. Good luck with treatment.

AS said...

I'm so sorry that I haven't been on lately. Things have been spiraling down-hill at a rather rapid pace. I'll update my blog soon, promise.

I'm so sorry to hear that things are tough now. I almost left home tonight too, started packing and all, but my grandmother talked me out of it. I'm really proud for you for giving treatment a shot! Wishing and praying for all of the best for deserve to find peace and health and happiness darling. You've been in my thoughts and I've been worried! I'm sorry things have been shabby with your grandmother...she did a miserable job and made a bad situation worse. Hope she can get her act together! Much love to you dear.

Glitch said...

yikes - well, I'm glad everything worked out in the end... I'm sorry you had to go through all of that though!!! :( what a crappy situation...

Becky said...

^Bad grammar.

I'm sorry you had to move out so fast. I guess it was for the best though since you got to relocate to a better place quickly.
I hope things work out for you at your grandparents house! It sounds like they already are.

Love <3

P.S. I totally thought you meant you got kicked out of school when I read the title, lol. Whaaaaa?

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