Thursday, February 10, 2011

A cutter's lullaby

7 words from my listeners:

Iris said...

Didn't expect to cry, but I guess I'm not feeling as well as I told myself I was today.

Hope you're alright.

Anonymous said...

i hope you're doing okay hun, try and keep positive, things will get better even though it doesn't quiet seems like it now.
you should definitely recommend that book to your teacher, and which book did you read of Elie Wiesel's?

Anonymous said...

this was really moving.
i don't understand the cutting as a person who does it,
but i'm trying to understand it as best as i can from
an outside perspective. this really made me feel a leap
and a jump closer to it i think thanks!!

i also found this good when i was scouring, so i'll share

Blood transforms the warm bath water
and, in it, I see weakly
that this was a mistake.
The razor’s cut is not deep, nevertheless
the blood rushes out happily in the warm
water as if kin to it, the same
tender substance.
a new person
transformed with an icy
sense of error
I go to the sink and turn on cold water
which is not friendly to blood.
The cut is deeper than imagined.
It hurts.
Splashes on the pale gold tile,
bright red bursts like sunlight,
like exclamation points—Another Error!
I wrap a small towel around my wrist.
A small towel indicates a small error.
Soaked through
the towel’s gold is tarnished.
There is an innocent joy in the blood’s
flow that the towel and I cannot absorb.
These spurts, worth twenty dollars a pint
on the market, sense themselves unmarketable now.
Another towel wrapped tight in terror
slows everything down. On a blue velvet
love seat from which love has wandered I
sit waiting. I am an angel with an alert
backbone. I am purified from the business
of panic.
–Joyce Carol Oates, “Passing an Afternoon”

SilentNightmare said...

Please take care of yourself *hun*

NightFlower said...

This is sad :[ I read your previous posts, and I'm really sorry about the cutting.
You're amazing, don't forget that. :[
Take care xxx

scared blogger said...

You are such a kind and wonderful person,

Love u too hun,

Shannice said...

you are amazing , i love you girl ! stay safe, i know how hard it is not cut, it often makes the person feel like shit if they get a lecture. so i won't lecture you, just stay safe >3

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