Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Last Time

This is the last time
The last time I'll cry
The last time I'll pray the words
Asking God to die

This is the last time
The last time I'll hurt
The last time I'll feel this pain
Because this time suicide will work

This is the last time
I'll ever feel this way
This is the last time
I'll say the words I say

This is the last time
I'll whisper to the night
This is the last time I'll breathe
For the rest of my life

6 words from my listeners:

Anonymous said...

please please please be ok :l.
don't hurt yourself, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NightFlower said...

This is sad :[
The poem is beautiful but please don't do anything that you can't take back. xxx

Anonymous said...

hey, just another comment to say~~~you mean a lot to me. xxxx even if I don;t comment much, I always read. In fact- I re-read your entire blog last night/this morning when I couldn't sleep. I iwhs I could give you a big hug (although, I rarely do hugs) and just tell you you're not alone inf eeling this way.

Nikki said...

Please hang in there!!!! Xoxoxo hugs

thinlypure said...

Please don't!!!!!
Hang in there sweetheart.
And take care if yourself

SilentNightmare said...

agreed don't do anything you can't take back *hugs*

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