Saturday, February 5, 2011

Suicide Lullaby - 2/4/11

Sing to me a lullaby,
the one that sings of death.
Everytime I hear it,
it takes away my breath.

I feel a sense of relief
as all my feelings drift away.
I fall into the words,
the words I always pray.

I feel the music inside me,
singing sweetly to my soul.
The music's taking over,
slowly losing my control.

Listening to the words,
I start to drift to sleep.
I close my eyes
and let the music take over me.

"Hush now darling.
Everything's okay.
Listen to these words,
the words that you will pray
right before you leave this world,
a soul free to fly.
Listen to this melody
that sings of suicide.
Of all the methods that there are,
it doesn't matter what you choose.
Maybe do a combo
and there's less chance that you'll lose.
Pop another pill,
break apart the razor,
find a rope.
You're doing yourself a favor.
Hold on tight,
for a very bumpy ride.
This path you won't regret,
the path of suicide.
So swallow away the miseries,
drown them in your blood.
Tie a rope around your neck,
then find a high spot up above.
Slowly your breath will start to stop.
You heart beat will start to fade.
Deeper you will fall asleep,
hoping for what you prayed.
As you slip away,
say good-bye to those around.
They'll find you lying dead
and then put you in the ground."

3 words from my listeners:

Kari said...

Your writing is lovely as always. Though of course I worry about you being happy, I still appreciate it.

SilentNightmare said...

Agreed, you have a way with words, but i worry that you're going to act on your thoughts/writings. *hugs*

Nikki said...

Your words are beautiful, stay safe hun xxx

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