Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day Two

Vampire- I laughed when I read you're jealous of my leg gap because I definitely don't have one, but thanks.

How was today? It was pretty good.
Reason One:
I talked to my best friend for the first time in two months. She's the one in the long term facility. I was so excited to talk to her. I told her about my scare last night with her mom calling my mom. I for real thought she died! But she obviously is still alive and she said she is doing well. I was very glad to hear that! =D I love my buddy!
Reason Two:
I got my ceramic mug that I painted last week!! It looks so cool!

It's obviously a "Grumpy" mug. He's just not painted the right color. It's all in artistic perception.
Reason Three:
I finally can wear full rune on my noob account, well my higher noob account. I defeated Elvarg the mighty dragon! lol *eye roll*
Reason Four:
Outfit numero dos..

That's me, just as FAT and hideous as ever.* However, the baggy shirt hides my sumo stomach.

*Vampire, I still can't believe you thought I have a leg gap. It's pure fat down there! >.<

Okay, well I guess that's all for now. Until next time!

4 words from my listeners:

Elisabethgrace said...

I love your mug! =]
Sounds like you're doing well. =]
Cute outfit too!!

Shannice said...

i'm glad you had a good day! you are NOT fat. i'm sorry i never comment back from comments on my blog, and i don't comment on yours much. i feel better now, sorry. lol my moods like a yo yo! loveyou!:D

Night_Flower said...

Hello =) I'm back! =D
I love the mug, it's truly awesome. And you're not fat, you're beautiful =)
I'm glad yesterday was good and I hope today goes well too and that you have an amazing New Year =) xx

Vampire said...

Ha! Proof that I'm right... look at all the other commenters! You're gorgeous and DEFINITELY not fat ^_^

Sweet mug =D

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