Thursday, December 23, 2010

let the _ times roll

Sorry for no post yesterday. It was a busy day. I had a therapy appointment at 11 and we usually leave by 10:15. I didn't even get up until 10:06. 0.o I quickly got ready but my dad wasn't even ready yet so we still left late. lol. My session was good I suppose. I told her that I did something bad. On Monday I broke apart a shaving razor. I didn't want to tell her that I had it but she weaseled it out of me. She told me that if I didn't throw them away, she would tell my dad. I did not want that to happen. I don't want my family to know how bad it is right now, well, at least how bad it was right then. So I promised to throw them away if she promised to not tell my dad. I held up to my promise and she held up to hers. During the session we talked about my friend going into the hospital. She, of course, told me it wasn't my fault. She even said I might have done her a favor. It's like no. Getting sent to the hospital is NOT a favor. I would know. :( We also talked about my ED a little bit. It's actually been a lot better. It's like it's not even there. The body dysmorphia is still strong and steady though. I told her how I hate wearing jeans because I feel like then people can see how fat my thighs are. I told her I hate eating in public becauseI feel like people will judge me for being so fat. I just constantly feel like people will judge me. She asked me a question that really made me think. "What happens if people judge you?" It took me by surprise. It's a good question. What does happen if people judge me? So something more to think about.
After my session, I went with my mom and two sisters to a ceramic pottery place. My little sister and I got to paint a piece. I chose a Grumpy mug (from Snow White). I painted his clothes the wrong color. My excuse is he is Christmas colors. lol ;) My lil sis did a peace sign flower vase. It was a lot of fun. I can't want to see what it looks like once it is colored! I can even drink out of it once it is done!! =D
We made a pit stop at Borders because that store location was closing. I got a new book. I'll tell you how it is once I finish reading it. :)
When we got home, we ate dinner. I had a sandwhich because I didn't want a steak taco. Then as we were all relaxing, my dad was watching old home videos. So my mom, little sister, and I watched some of them too. I watched my little sister as she was born. I watched some other cute videos. One was of me in gymnastics. I was trying to do something on the uneven bars and I caught my foot and did like a weird flip thing. It was hilarious! We all were laughing so hard. Then we watched one of Christmas when my little sister was like 2 or 3. She was scared of her slide that she got as a present. She also got a set of pajamas. When she opened the box and took them out she was like "I don't like them." We all cracked up again. I saw a video of when I was 3 and I was dancing with the KU Jayhawk. I was so cute! I wonder what happened. 0.o It was a lot of fun. =)
Today has been okay I suppose. I woke up around 11. I took a shower and shaved. I love shaving. It makes me feel clean. Downside to shaving, my electric razor cuts me. :'( I ate some breakfast. I ate a lot of breakfast actually. 2 bowls of cereal. :( Piggy. Oh well. It's like eating breakfast and lunch so it's not the end of the world. =/ Now I'm just checking up on here and hanging out on the computer. Oh yeah! My old friend from one of the placements I was in added me on Facebook! I was super psyched to talk to her. It was so weird though because just the other day I was thinking of looking for her. It was sweet. So I guess that's all for now. Later!

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Iris said...

Sounds like things are looking up just a bit. I'm really glad, you deserve to be happy and to have fun. :)

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