Tuesday, December 21, 2010

fun stuff

Well last night I stayed up til 2:30 in the morning trying to see the lunar eclipse. Did I get to see it? NO! The stupid clouds got in the way! My little sister and I saw the beginning of it. It ws sweet but we couldn't see the whole thing. Curse you stupid clouds!! I was very tired after that. I completely crashed. I woke up when my dad came downstairs where I was sleeping to exercise but I fell back asleep almost immediately. I woke up around 10:41 this morning. I took a much needed shower. It felt nice to get clean and relax. It was a very long shower. Okay, tmi/awkward moment over. I played on Runescape for awhile. I've been playing more on my noob account. My little sister keeps wanting me to give her my account. It's like no! I worked on my older sister's Cinderella's Castle puzzle. I've done half of it in less than 24 hours. That's pretty kick butt. I went to my grandma's house (the one I live with) to pick up my Christmas outfits, my electric razor, and some stuff for the Wii. My great grandma is very sick and is on oxygen. =( Poor grandma. I hope she'll be okay. What a sucky way to spend Christmas. I went Christmas shopping with my sisters. I bought my little sister a DS game and I bought my older sister a gift card to her favorite store in the mall. We bought my brother-in-law a set of super hero glasses. I think he'll really like it. Well, I guess that's all the excitement. Night lovelies!

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Kari said...

Those sound like cool gifts. It must be a nice feeling to have those presents bought and ready to go. I didn't even know about the lunar eclipse until today, but it would have been too cloudy for me too, dang overcast skies. It sounds like you had a decent day, so that's good to hear.

Vampire said...

Yay Runescape!

*Broken* said...

Sorry about your grandma =(
Those sound like really good presents, I´m sure they´ll love them!

Anonymous said...

Naw I hope you Grandma is at peace and has a nice present!! Great gift you got your family!! I cant wait for Christmas I have no Idea what I am getting so EXCITED =)

Merry Christmas =)

Bree =)

Anonymous said...

has a nice Christmas*

SarahGabrielle said...

Aw, I totally forgot about the eclipse!
I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

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