Saturday, June 4, 2011

stupid lasagna

My food intake today was simple: two light yogurts (200) and ultra lowfat turkey lasagna (265). I also drank a cup of Diet V8 Splash (10). So 475 calories for the day. Woo fucking hoo. Should have been less but my grandpa decided to eat dinner with me. Grrrrrrrr. (>_<)
I exercised for the first time in awhile. Don't know how many calories I burned. I did the Biggest Loser: Last Chance Workout. Anyone know how many calories that burns? I'll look it up later. Probably around 250-300 calories. Couldn't find an exact answer.
Cleaned the house.
Went grocery shopping.
Learned something new about my best friend. Kinda upset that she didn't tell me before now. Kinda upset that I wasn't the first to know (don't know what makes me so fucking special).
Attended Shannice's birthday party on anabites!! Happy Birthday my dear!! I'm eating cake tomorrow in honor of you!
Umm, my dad's still a dick. Hasn't talked to me at all since he moved out. Yeah dad, love you too.
Nervous about group on Monday. I wonder if they'll think I'm fat. I feel too fat. I swear my body has blown up in size by a ton. Grrrr. Although I have lost weight since the last time they saw me. Hopefully I'll have lost more by Monday. But I shouldn't lose more. I probably trigger them. I think I'm the skinniest one there. They are all recovering and here I am relapsing. I feel bad but I don't want to change. I'm not ready.
Umm yeah. I think that's all.
Busy day tomorrow.
Hope everyone is well.
Love you guys!

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