Sunday, June 12, 2011

i hate titles

Sorry for no post yesterday. I would have posted after dinner except my food allergies decided to act up. Diarrhea is no fun. Honestly, I can't even remember what I did yesterday. Oh wait, it's slowly coming back. Had a rude awakening due to my little sister's bustle for her audition. I lounged on the computer before hopping in the shower. Played on the computer some more. Went to my mom and little sister's massage. I was supposed to see if I could get one too. I didn't bother. Went to dinner. Got sick. Now you're caught up on yesterday. =P
Today was okay. Woke up shortly after 11. I was still tired even though I got almost 12 hours of sleep. I don't know why I'm always so tired. It's annoying. Went to see Judy Moody and The Not So Bummer Summer. It was really good. :) I ate so much (extra buttery) popcorn and candy. Plus I had an ICEE. Packed my stuff to come back to my grandparents. Then I went home and ate my quesadilla explosion salad from last night. Fought with mom on the way home. :( Almost cut but called my therapist and got through it. Ate dinner (mac and cheese with mashed potatoes). Then I went for my very first driving lesson!! I was super nervous. I thought I was going to kill us all but I didn't! I wasn't very good at the gas pedal but once I got to driving a little more, I did better. I wasn't the best at the brakes either. 0.o I'm not the greatest parker but hey!, it was my first time driving. Give me a brake! ;) I'm proud of myself. I had fun. I can't wait to better my driving skills. We rewarded my mad driving skills with a hot fudge sundae. :) :( :/ Now it's bed time and I am so ready for that!
Okay. Good night my lovelies!

2 words from my listeners:

Lissy said...

Well done on starting to learn to drive! I am impressed- I still haven't bothered almost three years after I could've! Hope you're feeling okay stomach wise now!!!xxxx

Run said...

Learning to drive must be so fun! I keep saying I'll do it but since I can't afford a car I don't see any point haha. I'll just use my provisional for ID at bars.

I hope you feel a wee bit better now. Food allergies suck. xxxx

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