Sunday, June 5, 2011


Woke up a little before 9 am even though my alarm didn't go off like it was supposed to.
Peeled and cut eggs for deviled eggs.
Scrubbed the sun room floor...with a toothbrush.
Scrubbed the kitchen floor...on my hands and knees.
Hung out on anabites for awhile.
Talked about my dad. fucking asshole.
Went to my little sister's dance recital.
Compared my body to the dancers.
They were all so tiny.
Some were tinier than me. (>_<)
Sometimes their ribs would show when doing certain moves.
My ribs show sometimes.
My sister was good, though she watched the other girls a lot.
My dad came to the recital.
Didn't say a word to me.
Mom confronted him.
He didn't care.
"I don't know what to say."
fuck you too dad.
Family dinner for my aunt's birthday.
Ate a little bit of everything.
Had cake and pie. fucking fat ass.
Finally finished catching up on people's blogs.
I've been bad about reading those.
My friend is drunk.
It's funny.
I'm tired.
Group tomorrow.
Too fat.

4 words from my listeners:

Nikki said...

im always here if you need anything hun <3 <3

LilyZara said...

my bloggers working again, sorry i haven't been able to reply in a while :[

that's sweet your dad showed up, but i read the other day about how he left, and i'm so so sorry to hear about that :[

take care lovely, xxxxx

scared blogger said...

Love you hun,

Having lot of issues with my Dad too at the mo :(


scared blogger said...

You are amazing by the way :)

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