Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I actually spent it with my father at the water park. It actually went well. Had fun. :)
-too much food
kinda wanting to die again.
but shhhhh don't tell.
it's been coming on for awhile.
not enough to do something
not actively planning always planning
i'm sorry..for letting you down again.

4 words from my listeners:

Nikki said...

yay on the water park :)
boo on the sunburn :(

i still love you <3 hang in there

Invisible_Ninja said...

Sunburn might turn to tan if you're lucky :)
I know how you feel but please don't do anything, you're a good person and deserve life *hugs* xx and don't be sorry it's not your fault.

Princess Perfection said...

Aw, I am glad you had fun with your dad. :)
I hate sunburn!
That is all I ever get when I am in the sun; I have never tanned, not a day in my life.
I know how you feel about the wanting to die thing, because I have totally been there, but please do not do anything.
It is not worth it, I swear.
I hope you feel better soon.
Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

Elle Marie said...

awww same two things happened to me this weekend--sunburn + too much food :(

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