Friday, June 17, 2011

size 0

I can wear a size 0!! =D I even fit into the one size 00 that I tried! 0.o How the hell is that possible? Am I really that skinny? My mom was not impressed, especially when I told her my size 0 shorts were falling off. It's like "oh shit. I guess I am getting smaller." I must say that I am uber excited by this! I've been wanting back into size 0 for a long time...and now I am!! Wooooooooo.
I ate like crap today and am about to have ice cream. smart decision dumb ass. way to not fit into your size 0 shorts. I didn't exercise. I wanted to swim but couldn't. (I'm on my period and don't/can't wear tampons.) I will be able to tomorrow though. Good thing my period only lasts 2 days. =P
Umm don't know what else to say. Love you guys!

Oh and PS..I didn't take any pills. :)

5 words from my listeners:

kes said...

Size 0! That's amazing! Don't worry about the ice cream. You can make up for it tomorrow. Stay strong. :)

Nikki said...

im glad you're happy... just please remember to be careful.

love you <3

Tiffany Tilly said...

Size zero rocks! I have a pair of 00's and i almost fit into them once but i'm fat so i think they're ridged and messed up to fit me but way to go for fitting into a zero! That's great and don't worry about the crap day of eating, it's one day, just get back on track tomorrow and you'll be fine.

CAliChica said...

congrats!!!! omg size zero what an acomplishment!!!! xoxo

Gabby said...

I am glad you feel good, but I'm still cheering for the recovery team so be careful ya hear!? But still, I am sosososos happy to hear there were no pills ingested and that you are happy, no matter the cause!

Love you pumpkin.

ps. I'm a responsible drinker, no need to worry.
<3 <3 <3

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