Monday, August 1, 2011

old poem

My silent cries for help
Have yet to be observed
Screaming from my soul
Although it's never heard
Tears roll down my cheeks
Blood drips from my arms
I'm fading into darkness
I have cause myself this harm
So tired of all the yelling
Sick of all the fights
Wanting everything to end
It's taking all my might
Not giving in
To the monsters in my mind
But I'm weakening inside
Slowly over time
Ashamed for all my actions
Regretting all my thoughts
Faking all my feelings
Everything is just a plot
Nothing I do is real
Don't believe a word I say
Pretending to be different
Helps keep everyone away
Falling into pieces
Drifting farther and farther apart
Can't deal with all my suffering
Life is tearing away at my heart
Not wanting to let people down
Although it's too late for that
Maybe I can make it through
But right now all I see is black
The demons I must face
Are beginning to close on in
Scared with nowhere to go
Death is looking like a friend
I'm slipping out of grasp
Soon there will be no more chance
To retrieve me from this hell
You better take a second glance
Does no one see through my lies?
My mask must be too convincing

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