Tuesday, August 9, 2011

what to say?

i hate this.
i fucking hate this.
i hate me.
i hate her.
that's a lie.
i don't hate her.
i just hate the things she says.
i just hate the things she does.
kinda sounds like i hate her.
"you are beautiful" = don't eat it or you'll get fat.
fuck you.
did you hear me?
i said FUCK YOU.
like i don't struggle enough with wanting to starve.
like i don't fucking struggle enough with eating unhealthy foods.
i hate this.
i fucking hate this.
i hate myself.
fat pig.
fat bitch.
did i mention fat?
lose the fucking weight already!
go to the store and fucking buy the diet pills.
you need them.
do you want to be fat forever?
fuck recovery.
you were never in it anyways.
i fucking hate you!!
die fat bitch.
choke on your own food.
fat fat fat.
fucking die already.

2 words from my listeners:

americaneagle said...

I hope that you feel better soon, I wish I could make you smile. You are loved, never forget that. We're here for you. <3

scared blogger said...

Please take care.i hops so much u feel better soon.fight ambs fight,u can do it I know u can.keep the faith.keep the faith,

Love u bundles

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