Friday, August 12, 2011

events of yesterday

went to group.
almost passed out at group.
forced to drink protein shake.
after group, went to wendy's.
cue internal battle.
driving back to the highway.
stopped at stop sign.
get rear-ended.
driver drives off.
i get his license plate info.
call cops.
neck and head hurt.
want to sleep on the way home.
everyone says not to.
they say i could possibly have a concussion.
go to ER.
there for three hours.
get x-rayed.
nothing major.
neck and back sprain.
my grandpa has the same.
IHOP for dinner.
the end of a very long day.
best night's sleep in a long time.
that's what happens when you get one hour of sleep in 36 hours.

today was better.
eat. play on computer. sleep. eat. play on computer. and now sleep.

1 words from my listeners:

scared blogger said...

My God you poor angel,
I am so glad you are ok. You guys drive so young in the states,
So happy today was better for you, xx

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