Monday, November 1, 2010

110s no more!!

OMG!! I could not believe my eyes when I stepped on that scale this morning. What did I see? 109!!! I literally screamed "YES!! I did it it!" Thankfully my grandparents weren't home to hear it. lol. I am like ecstatic right now. I just got done with part one of my workout. I'm going to do more today after dinner. I'm trying out Wii Fit Plus. Not really sure how I like it. I've only used it once though so we'll see. But I just can't believe it. I have been trying for a month to get out of the 110s. Now I finally have! It's like progress at last!! I am just so happy right now. I just can't believe it. The weird thing is was I ate like 5 pieces of candy last night. Then again, I had no breakfast and no dinner so I guess that makes up for it. But I could have done better. I need to do better if I want to keep losing the weight.

I really need to lose 10 9 pounds before Thanksgiving. That's three pounds a week. I can do that. I want to look skinny, well skinnier, when I see my mom. I want her to be proud of me for looking good. I want to show her I can do this. I can be strong. I will be strong. Yes, well I hope everyone else is doing good. Until next time!

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Charlotte said...

Congrats on the loss hon! Good luck with the 3 a week!!!! I'm rooting for you!

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