Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a poem

I want to spread my wings and fly
But alas, I have no wings
I want to run away from here
Away from nightmares and towards dreams
There’s few things more than what I want
Which is to disappear
I want to poof and vanish
Away from this spot here
There’s nothing wrong with where I am
It’s all just in my mind
It’s a little fucked right now
Which is never a good sign
I’m trying to behave
Like I know I should
But when everything is bad
How can I be good?
So watch me slowly walk away
From this life I do not want
Watch me disappear
In my final farewell stunt

1 words from my listeners:

Princess Perfection said...

I hope you still have the will to fight, love.
Hang in there. <3

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