Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fatal 7/20/11

Drifting in and out of consciousness Alive but slowly dying
Scared but ready to move on
Her family around her crying
Her mother holds her hand
And begs her to hold on
Daddy stands there silent
Praying she’s not gone
Her breathing is more labored
Time to intubate
The tube goes in
But it may be too late
Her heart is giving out
Her organs are failing
Sounds are growing dim
Can’t hear the sirens wailing
Her eyes are open
But she’s not seeing
Slower and slower
Her heart is beating
The paramedics know they’re losing her
She’s slipping fast
Vital signs fading
Death has her in its grasp
The monitor flatlines
Quick, resusitate
But the young girl’s heart won’t start
Help arrived too late
Her parents are crying
As they spread the word
Good-bye little girl
We’ll miss you in this world

3 words from my listeners:

More Than Me said...

wow. dont even know what to say to that. just wow. xx

Run said...

You wrote that? It leaves me a little speechless.

scared blogger said...

.........U are so talented Amber, I am worried about you?
I hope u are ok,
Love you,

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