Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Less Lonely Girl

With scars on my wrists
I’ve proven what’s real
My pain never ceased
Though my cuts are now healed
With empty bottles on the floor
And the pills absorbing inside
If this kills me tonight
I’ll have proved I was alive
Because sometimes I’m empty
Sometimes I’m numb
Sometimes the pain inside
Is a little too much
I’m tired of existing
When what I want is to live
Forget surviving
I’ve got nothing to give
So I’ll take my life
And leave this world
Now there’s one less lonely girl.

3 words from my listeners:

Mich said...

I hope you don't choose to leave this world. Sometimes it is too much, and the pain and emptiness consume us. But we can still fight. You're strong, and you deserve life. <3

Princess Perfection said...

I hope you are still fighting.
You deserve life, you deserve to live.
Everyone does.
Keep strong, love.
You can fight this.
Hang in there. <3

scared blogger said...

You better get your ass back here quick missy!! Expecting to see you straight after your camping trip,

Love you amb,

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