Saturday, September 17, 2011

Everything Is Beautiful

Inspired by the song Everything Is Beautiful.

If everything is beautiful,
that means I am too.
I am full of strength
and so are you.
This disorder will not beat us.
Recovery will win.
Don’t give up.
Never give in.
Life is a beautiful place
if you want it to be.
Choose to make your life better.
Choose to be free.
By choosing to recover,
you are choosing life.
With every step you take,
you make yourself fly.
Keep fighting.
Never lose faith.
Believe me when I say
you have what it takes.
I have it too.
We have so much to give.
Let’s change our lives.
Let’s start to live.
We can do this.
Believe in yourself.
Even if you slip,
there will always be someone there to help.
I love you.
It’s time you love yourself too.
Soon I’ll love me
the way you do.
Together in healing,
together in recovery.
Watch us recover.
Watch us be free.

2 words from my listeners:

scared blogger said...

That more like my lovey!

Love you always,

Run said...

I like this. :) It's really positive.

Take care. xxx

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